Monday, May 11, 2009

To Whom It May Concern...

Just a few thoughts... On Nature... Life... Death, but above all these things is God! For these things are ever changing, fluid. Seemingly flowing one from the other. Coming and going. These things are the illusion.

Now what is an illusion? The imperfect extrapolation of fact. Fantasy. Here in the United States of America the media analysis, politicians, in all forms,
most scientists and even some religious leaders have relied on this. How the devil lies? With the truth!

Brace yourselves if you want to stay free. Find the perfect text and pray to God for inspiration.

So the reasoning for this pontification is not for converting, but being converted. To hold up the light that so many before have found so that those who may seek can find there way through the darkness of this world. To have warmth in the shadows of their enemies, that they may not loss faith.

The Power of Prayer; as Jesus Christ of Nazareth taught, the "Lord's Prayer"...

The release of the most precious commodity... Forgiveness!

Here in the World, with all of it's wrongs, evils, hurts, pains, the wounds we inflict upon each other. That have been inflicted far beyond the scopes of our perceptions, and yet we are asked to forgive each other, that we may be forgiven, and see reality for what it is. Love, pure and simple, and be the children of God that we have been made to be.

A hope that there may be others who have received this forgiveness and are ready to pray for Love, to give up the struggle, to flee from evil and fly to God in prayer that the true nature of the spirit that gives life will transform the dead that they may know they are touched by the Perfect Peace Profound.

For me to live in this loving grace, I extend the love I have been so freely given, for this, though the troubles it may lead me into, will lead me through, and so many times God has. Protecting me, as promised so many times before. Having emerged recently from the Dark Night of the Soul, truly I lift my voice in praise
for the glory is God's may I stay a trusted servant.

Thank You!